Thursday, October 31, 2013

Welcome to The Res

So, I'm listening to Yo-Yo Ma plays Ennio Marricone. It is one of my favorite albums because it is so soothing. In fact it is so soothing, it's the music I chose for my colonoscopy. I bet you thought I was going to say wedding, didn't you?  Wedding, colonoscopy . . . anything that is high stress; this album will soothe it.  So, why am I playing it today? Well, we recently moved and I still have about 100 moving boxes to unpack. When the towers of moving boxes are taller than I am, I tend to feel overwhelmed. 

Of course, it also helps when the sun comes out and I look out on the lake.  Speaking of the "lake", I am no longer sure what to call it. My first clue was when I Googled Nine Mile Lake and nothing came up. My second clue was when our neighbors gave us a card that said "Welcome to the River". This was after I had already added a number of lake-related word art to my Amazon wish list, so I found myself a bit disappointed. Our waterfront home is on a section of the Spokane River that has been dammed. The next body of water below the dam is called Long Lake. It is also a section of the Spokane River that has been dammed. So, why does that one get to be called a lake?  Is it just because it is bigger? Sounds like discrimination to me! Technically, we live on Nine Mile Reservoir. So, I guess I will need to start shopping for wall art that says "Welcome to The Res".