Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hawaii Trip

Del has a well-travelled hat.
Here it is in Hawaii, decked out with lei, on a tripod, in the midst of its beloved camera equipment. Del's hat loaned Del the lei for the evening. Diane got one, too. A gorgeous white ginger lei. Too bad blogs don't have a smell option. It was fragrant!
The view from our room in Wailea on Maui. If you look closely, you can see Molokini in the distance (the darker island in front of the larger land mass across the water).
Even the pigeons in Hawaii are exotic. Not suprisingly, this one is called a spotted dove.
Thought I'd throw another kind of bird into the mix (Bird of Paradise).
Myna. Remember the obnoxious character in the Lion King? They got it exactly right.
Francolins. Kind of like our California Quail, but without the fun top-knot.
Japanese White Eye
Her baby begging for food.
Red Crested Cardinal. Gorgeous!
Cattle Egret. Like our White Egrets but with tawny head and without black legs and yellow feet.
Eerie downward shot of pool from Waikiki Marriott 20th floor.
Upward shot of palm trees.
The obligatory Hawaii sunset shot. This was from the deck of Maya - a wonderful restaurant at the Wailea Marriot where we stayed on Maui.
Our favorite local band. The trio version is called the "Kailua Bay Buddies". We look up Mark Caldiera (the guy in the middle playing the Cahon) and whatever band he's in every time we come to Oahu.
Dinner at Alan Wong's in Honolulu. Yummm!
All in all, not bad for a business trip. Del was on vacation the whole time; I had to work two full days in the middle of it. I don't recommend that. It's hard to truly wind down. That said, we did really enjoy the beauty that Hawaii has to offer. It is a special place. Aloha!