Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Bethlehem Star shines over Dublin/Pleasanton/San Ramon

This is the abbreviated story of Del's Bethlehem Star. See slideshow at right for full story.
It all began with Del's dream and a lot of PVC pipe. My brother Ron is captured here "aiding and abetting" the plan.
Del's vision is taking shape.
Del and Ron painted it black to make it less reflective.
If you noticed your electricity hiccup Thanksgiving weekend, this could have been why. The star has 205 10-watt C-9's. Thank goodness it'll be on a timer.
The crew: Art Amon and sons (& daughter's boyfriend), neighbor Gus, and Chris & Laura Flanders. My brother Ron photographed the event.
A modern day barn-raising, I mean star-raising!
Hoisting it up. So far so good . . .
Oops! PVC is way more flexible than we thought. This was the darkest moment of the day where we began to doubt and to pray really hard!
Well, it's up, but with one broken piece and quite the curve and a floppy top.
Chris Flanders to the rescue.
Finally looking stable from top to bottom.
It was all worth it in the end.
Now Dublin, San Ramon, and Pleasanton CA have a Bethlehem
Star shining in the West to help celebrate Christmas.
Merry Christmas!